How to create a Hikarunix ISO. A couple Hikarunix ISO images: Hikarunix 212MB and Hikarunix Remaster 586MB.

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Getting to 10K
Getting to 1K
Getting Beyond 1D

Game Record Sheets

miscellaneous links

Kifu from the Taisho era?
Modern Game Insight - A Systematic Approach to Modern Games
Feng Yun Go School
Guide to Improve Strength
How to Improve at Go

Introductory Material

Local Go Clubs
The Interactive Way to Go--a through introductory tutorial with frequent Go problems that review the material taught. Available in more than a dozen languages. From the folks at playGO.to
Samarkand Academy --How to Play Go, an HTML tutorial by Janice Kim, 1P
The Way to Go--a clear explanation of the rules and advice for new players (PDF)
Introduction -- The Basic Rules of Go as explained on IGS
John Bate's Intrduction to Go page.
How to Teach Go--a look from the other side of the board.

Go Servers on the Internet

Kiseido Go ServerKGS the Kiseido Go Server
IGS the Internet Go Server
No Name Go ServerNNGS the No Name Go Server, source code available
World Web Go

Teaching Sites

Daily Yomiuri On-Line YomiuriDaily
[Go Teaching Ladder]
[Sensei's Library]
Opening Theory by Charles Matthews
Daigo--a walk through an even game with detailed consideration of alternative moves.
GoWinds--a free Go magazine from Yutopian
Rafael's Go Page

Go Problems

[GoProblems.com] source code
[Tsume Go]
How long should it take to do all the problems in a book of Go problems? Results are based upon playing strength.
Classical Go Problems
Tsume Go generated by GoTools

Go Game File Formats

Ishi Go File Format
Smart Go File Format (SGF)
XML Go File Format

Reference Sites

Go, An Additive Game
Go4Go.net -- Go Game Collection
Jean-loup's Go page
Harry Fearnley's Main Go Page
PostScript for displaying Go Games
Sgf2TeX--a program for typesetting Go Games using SGF files as input and TeX as output.
sgf2misc--Jan van der Steen's generic filter for converting SGF or Ishi Press formats to a variety of output formats, including PostScript, TeX, HTML, ASCII and images (GIF, PNG, JPEG).
Igo-Kisen-- replaces Momoyama-- Results and Game records from major tournaments.
Kogo's Joseki Dictionary

Tournament Software

AccelRat Paul G. Matthews' rating program used by the archive
Sensei's Library on McMahon tournaments
MacMahon -- Christoph Gerlach's Windows software for running McMahon tournaments
Guide to applying McMahon scores
Tournament Systems
Holigor rating system
GoDraw a DOS program used to run tounaments in Great Britain
Gotha a Windows program, and its documentation , written in C++

Go Organizations

American Go Institute -- no known URL, if you know of one place contact me
American Professional Go Association
Nihon Ki In
American Go Association

Go Books and Equipment Vendors

Slate and Shell
Ishi Press International
David Carlton's Go Book Bibliography and Book Reviews

Go Clubs

San Francisco

Go Software

Study Tools

Problematic-1.0--the code that drives GoProblems.com
Kombilo --go database program to search for games in which a given pattern or position occurs.
uliGo --a program to practice Go problems.

Palm Pilot

Go Recorder for the Palm Pilot. Go Recorder stores games as pilot pdb files. Pdb2SGF converts these pdb files to SGF format.
PilotGOne - a GO games (SGF format) viewer and recorder for the PalmOS. source code available.


Atsume -- ASCII to PostScript t tsume go problems
sgf2misc Online web access to Jan van der Steen's sgf2misc generic go game format filter



Computer Go

Intelligent Go Foundation online home of the non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of computer Go.
Games of No Chance a collection of papers published by The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.
More Games of No Chance a collection of papers published by The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.
Combinatorial Game Theory
Searching for Solutions in Games and Artificial Intelligence Thesis by L. Victor Allis
Online Computer Go Bibliography

Mathematics of Go

The University of Alberta GAMES Group
Bibliography of Combinatorial Games PS / PS
Go Thermography PS / PS
An Application of Mathematical Game Theory to Go Endgames PS / PS
Go Endgames Are PSPACE-Hard PS / PS
Where Is the "Thousand-Dollar Ko"? PS / PDF
Eyespace Values in Go PS / PDF
Loopy Games and Go PS / PDF
Experiments on Computer Go Endgames PS / PDF

Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go Hikaru no Go @ http://www.toriyamaworld.com/hikago/

Go Boards

Hattori Wood Company
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